Belgian seminar on social dialogue




CEPLIS is organising in Brussels a seminar on social dialogue on the 24th of this month of April, in collaboration with our inter professional members Confprofessioni, and  UNPLIB, in the context of the ongoing EU funded project relating to Social Dialogue in the field of the Liberal Professions.

The project in question, funded by the European Union, aims at ensuring the implementation of a revisited Social Dialogue in order to promote new guidelines for the sustainability of professionals’ working conditions and practices by bringing the liberal professions to join the negotiating table.

Several issues will be addressed during this seminar including digitalisation, and its impact on the exercise of our professions, the structure of social dialogue and the issue of social protection of the liberal professions in Belgium. A Q & A period will also allow participants to exchange information, opinions and experiences on the professional practices and challenges facing the liberal professions in Belgium today.

The event is going to be held on April 24, 2019, from 9:00 to 12:00, in the premises of Axxon, the organization federating the associations of physiotherapy in Belgium (Imperiastraat, 16 – 1930 Zaventem), at the kind invitation of our colleagues of UNPLIB – the National Union of Liberal and Intellectual Professions of Belgium


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