Liberal Professions for the future of Europe


CEPLIS is proud to present its memorandum for the 2019 European elections adopted by its members, national inter-professional and European mono-professional bodies representative of our sector.

Liberal Professions in Europe - those who provide their services on the basis of an independence of professional judgment, a professional responsibility and a control of their exercise by a system of autoregulation that assures a universal, homogeneous professional deontology and guarantees implementation of the code of conduct of the profession – are a very important contributor to the Union’s Growth and a key job creator EU-wide. Therefore, along with their clients and patients, they constitute a major electing category in the European elections in 2019. Liberal Professions need more than ever to be taken into account for the future of the European Union.

This is why European decision makers need to act by replying to their challenges and needs, allowing them, to bring innovative solutions that take in account the specificities of liberal professions and respect their obligation to abide by strict ethical codes. Among other things as drivers of the well-being of their clients and patients, the citizens of the EU, Liberal Professions ask for the establishment of a structured and sustainable dialogue between their socio-economic category and the Union’s institutions; A better recognition of the effects of Brexit and Digitalisation on their professions; and true implementation of the Proportionality Test and the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directives in the Single Market.



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