CEPLIS has a new Vice-President: Professor Victoria ORTEGA


After the departure of Mr. Jordi Ludevid, who served as our Vice-president at the proposal of our Spanish inter-professional member  Unión Profesional (UP), the latter renewed its well-known commitment to our common effort for a Europe with strong and values-driven liberal professions, by immediately proposing the candidature of its new President, Mrs Ortega for the vacant seat of our Executive Board.

CEPLIS membership has unanimously elected Ms Ortega as a Board member at the occasion of the General Assembly meeting of the 08/06 in Paris and has enthusiastically applauded President Kolbe’s proposal to appoint her Vice-president.

Ms. Victoria Ortega, a lawyer since 1981, has studied law at the University of Valladolid and is serving as President of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers and Professor of Procedural Law at the University of Cantabria, since 1992. She is also a member of the Spanish State Council.

Professor Ortega is currently the second lady Vice-president of CEPLIS and only the third in the history of our organization. We all wish her success and hope many other members will consider female candidates for our Board in the future!

Professor Victoria Ortega our new Vice-president


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