The liberal professions at the heart of the extraordinary meeting of EESCís Group III in Malta.


Under the auspices of the Maltese Presidency of the European Union’s council, the Group III (Various Interests) of the European Economic and Social Committee held an extraordinary meeting in Malta the 23rd of March, prepared by the President of Malta Federation of the Liberal Professions and Treasurer of CEPLIS Mr. Benjamin Rizzo who is also a member of Group III.

The meeting was opened by a brilliant speech by Dr. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta. The afternoon session was an excellent opportunity for our President Rudolf Kolbe (another member of Group III) to place the value added of the liberal professions in the heart of the discussion on the Single Market. Seconded by our Director General, Professor Theodoros Koutroubas, President Kolbe pointed out the different ways in which our sector plays a first part role for more growth and development.

Our positions were echoed by the works of the Panel chaired by EESC’s Group III Vice President Arno Metzler. Representing the Maltese consumers, Mrs. Helga Pizzutto confirmed our points of view. The meeting was an opportunity to demonstrate the key role of CEPLIS as a stakeholder within EESC and to prepare the greater coming debate on the European Commission’s Package of Services in the Internal Market.


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