105th session of the International Labour Conference


The International Labour Conference held its 105th session from Monday 30th of May to Friday 10th of June in the Palace of the United Nations and International Labour's Head Office in Geneva.

Held annually, the International Labor Conference is the superior body responsible for the development of ILO policies. Its role is both political and technical. It is during this event that issues are examined in order to develop the new priorities of the ILO or that international labor standards are negociated or adopted. The discussion of 2016 focused on the assessment of the Declaration on social justice for a fair globalisation adopted in 2008.

On this occasion, Eric Thiry, President of the National Union of Liberal and Intellectual Professions of Belgium (UNPLIB), Member of the Executive Board of CEPLIS and President of the World Union of Liberal Professions where CEPLIS is a member, has delivered a speech to the General Assembly of the Conference.

The entire speech of Mr. Thiry is available here



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