CEPLIS Evening Reception - 17.11.2014




This year's second General Assembly & Permanent Committee meetings of CEPLIS will conclude with a reception, jointly held with our firends and colleagues of the World Union of the Professions.

The venue is none other but the very prestigious Domaine de Val Duchesse, where a number of very important historical EU-related events have taken place. One thinks for example of the preparatory meetings for the adoptions of the Treaties of Rome (1957) and Euratom (1958) which gave birth to the European Community as well as the first meeting ever of the European Commission back in 1958 under the Presidency of Walter Hallstein.

The reception will begin at 18:30 and conclude at 21:00. Transportation will be provided from the venue of the meeting to Val Duchesse, and from Val Duchesse to the city centre. 


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