Centre of Excellence

At the joint initiative of the Executive Board of CEPLIS and our inter-professional member the Malta Federation of Professional Associations (MFPA), a consortium was set up in order to apply for EU funding in the context of "Horizon 2020" for the establishment of a Centre of Excellence for Professional Ethics in the Republic of Malta.

Three will be the pillars of the future centre:


The Training activities of the future centre will regard mainly individuals affiliated to institutions, universities, etc. who would be interested in acquiring knowledge on ethical issues concerning the professions and their application in everyday professional exercise in order to bring their experience back home and prepare colleagues who will train themselves other future or current professionals (Training the Trainers)


The Research activities of the Malta Centre will concern both fundamental and applied issues of ethics relating to the professional sector.


This part concerns the application of the output of the future centre and its aim will be the improvement of the level of advise professionals propose to their clients. It will also focus on the emerging professions in the context of the new Digital Economy and their ethical aspects.


The future Centre aims, thanks to its geographical position in Malta, to cover a broader space than the current EU Member States, notably the area of the Southern Mediterranean.

Official website:http://ecepe.org.mt/#/en/home"

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