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The purpose of the European Council of the Liberal Professions (CEPLIS) is the study and promotion, both at the scientific and cultural levels, of all means, information and data related to the exercise and policies of the liberal professions.

Its objective in this regard is to:

  • Co-ordinate and defend the moral, cultural scientific and material interests of the liberal professions;
  • Implement any information type action which may help to achieve the objectives defined in the previous item;
  • Create or participate in all necessary organisations or services, and in general to implement all measures which may contribute to accomplishing the objective of the association.

CEPLIS acts independently of all political, linguistic, philosophical and ethnic considerations.

The association has no profit making objectives.

CEPLIS can only take a position on a specific problem concerning a given liberal profession on the express request of the member representing this profession within CEPLIS and exclusively within the limits defined by its association objectives.

Moreover, CEPLIS shall not take sides in a conflict involving different professions represented by it, different representations of the same profession at the European level, or different Interprofessional Organisations within any one State.

Each member of CEPLIS maintains the right to defend itself the special interests of its profession within Europe.



European Liberal Professions
Mainly represented by

European mono-professional association
National inter-professional association
CEPLIS General Assembly
Executive Board


Rudolf Kolbe
Mr. Rudolf Kolbe (ECEC - BUKO)

First Vice-president and President of Permanent Committee :

Gaetano Stella
Mr. Gaetano Stella (Confprofessioni)

Vice-presidents :

Mrs. Victoria Ortega (UP)

Simone Zerah
Mrs. Simone Zerah (EFLM/EC4)

M. François Blanchecotte (CBE)
Mr. François Blanchecotte (UNAPL - CBE)

Treasurer :

M. Benjamin Rizzo (MFPA)
M. Benjamin Rizzo (MFPA)

Members :

Eric Thiry
Mr. Eric Thiry (UNPLIB)

 M. Jerry Carroll (IIPA)
Mr. Jerry Carroll (IIPA)

M. Michael Van Gompen (ECCO)
M. Michael Van Gompen (ECCO)

Dr. Jean-Pierre Tricot (AEDME)
Dr. Jean-Pierre Tricot (AEDME)

Discussion Forums

Working Groups
Health Working Group,
President: Dr. Jean-Pierre Tricot (AEDME).

Working Group on the Directives
President: Mme Simone Zerah (EFLM/EC4)

Ethics and Continuous Professional Development
President: Prof. Dr. Theodoros Koutroubas

Working Group on TTIP
Presidente Victoria Ortega


The Permanent Committee
(President : Mr. Gaetano Stella (Confprofessioni))
(conferences and seminars on European live-interest subjects, exchange of information and experiences, meetings with European personalities)
Secretariat General
(4 permanent employees)
Director General - Senior Policy Advisor
Prof. Dr. Theodoros Koutroubas

From left to right:
Mr. Vincent Stoefs - Policy Advisor Jr
Mr. Nicolas Gallant  - Policy Advisor Jr
Prof. Dr. Theodoros Koutroubas - Director General - Senior Policy Advisor
Mr. Maximilien Cuvelier - Policy Advisor § Press Officer
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